Testimonial from long-term sponsor, Françoise

Helping a child who has been given an opportunity to have a caring home and education is an opportunity I am so happy to have been part of.  Surya (pictured left in 2011) is the young boy I sponsored and have seen grow up into a responsible fine young man who is now taking advantage of further education and will no doubt benefit from all that he has been given by the Pegasus Children’s Project and good schooling.  

I have photos on the wall by my computer of Surya when he was small and later as a confident young man giving a speech of thanks to his school as he graduated... they will not come down, they are there for me to look at every day!  One of the most heartwarming letters I received from Surya was when I sent him a letter with stickers suggesting he give them to his best friends and he stuck them all over my letter saying I was his very best friend!

It is heart-warming to know that one can make a direct difference to someone's life chances and this is why I have wished to support this child through his studies; this has been totally worthwhile.  

There are many calls on charities here and abroad and to find a charity which I could trust to use the money as they say is reassuring.   If you are thinking of digging deep into your pockets, let me tell you that I have never for one moment regretted doing so even if it has meant cutting down on something else.