Deepak has been living in the Pegasus Community since 2001, the earliest days of the hostel. He has very kindly written an article for our website to explain his experiences with Pegasus. Here is his story:

"My name is Deepak Pariyar and I am one of the hostelers at Pegasus Happy Home Hostel . I have been in this hostel for 13 years.  I completed my S.L.C. (School Leaving Certificate) in the year 2010 at Pegasus English School. Then I completed my High School at Golden Gate International College which is one of the most famous colleges in Kathmandu Valley. 

Before I started my journey in Pegasus English School, I was living in a one room shack with my parents, my older sister and my 3 younger brothers.  My father was sick, so my mother worked as a labourer when she could find work.  It was very hard, we had no money and not enough food.  Sometimes I was able to go to the local school but I had to do begging on the street to help my family.  One day when I was six years old, the Principal of Pegasus School, Mr. Kinley D. Lama approached me and three other young boys
while we were begging, and offered to help all of us by giving us a place in his school and offering us a place to live so that we didn’t have to beg anymore.  

I was luckily found a sponsor from the UK, and I got my golden opportunity to study in Pegasus English School which is one of the renowned schools in the Jorpati area. My father died shortly after this, and my sister and brothers were also found hostel places to live in the city.

We were living in a hostel which was just near to school. There were only 11 children at first including myself.  All of us were boys.  The hostel where we lived was rented. There were only four rooms with attached toilet in it. We used to live together in one room. The hostel had a didi (cook / caretaker) for us.  She is still with us today.

Then in year 2002 we shifted to new home in Nayapati near Sundarijal.  It was almost 9km away from the school. The house was old Nepali typical style made from bricks, mud and wood. 

We had more rooms and playground than at the previous hostel. Here we used to get water from pumps. Gradually the number of students started increasing, and then it became the common home for both boys and girls. When we were around 30 students, we visited many places out of Kathmandu Valley like Pokhara, Chitwan, and so on. The moments we spend over there were so interesting & wonderful.  It was one of the remarkable movements in my life. The first experience of camping in my life also was in Pegasus. We are taken on camping trips almost once every year.

Due to some problems with the drinking water, muddy land and congested rooms in 2007 we moved our hostel to a new place near Shivapuri National Park. Now, the place where we are living has very fresh and healthy environment.  The water is 24 hours available directly from nature. The rooms are enough for everyone and more space too. Even the numbers of students has increased. Now at the
present time the number of students in our hostel has reached almost 100 including boys and girls. In hostel we have done different activities such as Camping, jungle walk, treasure hunt and played different sports.  Here at hostel everyone should follow some rules and regulations of the hostel and have to carry out their own duties and responsibilities. It helps the students to develop their

personality and face the problems in their life. The students learn self-discipline, regularity and punctuality.  I have now completed Plus 2 (like A-levels in the UK) and am ready to go to
 University. I am the oldest in the hostel and I want to be ateacher after completion of my Bachelors Degree. I want to help Kinley sir in the hostel and look after the children and make my own life too.

I am really thankful to our honorable Principal Sir Mr. Kinley .D. Lama and our dearest sponsors, and all of the people at Pegasus Charity in UK, who gave me this golden opportunity to study and built up my career in this challenging World from inner core of my HEART."