Examples of some of the hostel children currently needing a sponsor
Sabita – age 13
She has been living in the hostel for a while now since her father abandoned the family. Her mother works one construction sites, and is just not able to take care of Sabita. 

Se Ongyel – age 11 

His father is a village monk they depend on the villagers for donations.  He wanted an education for his son, so he was brought to Kathmandu. His older brother is already in the hostel. Last year they went through a lot of domestic problems which meant that Se Ongyel was spending a lot of time with no one to look after him.  He is now in the hostel and doing well at school.

Sony – age 10

Her father is a manual labourer working at construction sites when he can get work.  Her mother died last year.  After her death, it was felt that the father could not look after his daughters on his own particularly because he does not have a regular income.  Sony and one of her sisters now live in the hostel.

Sunil and Laxman – brothers aged 12 and 7

Abandoned by both their parents, these two were brought to the hostel by a tourist who found them living on the street in Pokhara and they have been living in the hostel for some months.  There has been some contact with the father, but he now seems to have disappeared.