Pegasus Children’s Project, Kathmandu

Pegasus Children’s Project – Earthquake Report

Our children’s hostel is based on the Eastern outskirts of Kathmandu on the edge of the Sundarijal forest. We have around 110 children and staff living on site. In 2006 our UK charity raised the funds to build over 40 earth-bag domes on the site which are variously used to accommodate our staff and kids.

The domes survived the 2015 earthquake well – this is what they are supposed to do. But we have two substantial traditional Nepali style brick buildings on site – one is the main house, and the other is a large three storey dormitory, dining hall and study hall. These buildings have been shaken very badly, and have substantial cracks – they are still standing, but are not habitable due to risk of collapse. Currently our children are squeezed into the earth domes, sleeping on the floors, sharing beds, and eating and studying outside.

Our children attend Pegasus English School in Jorpati, East Kathmandu – we make up 25% of the school children at the school. The top floor of the school has large, dangerous looking cracks, and urgently needs significant structural repairs to make it possible to re-open the school.

We need your help urgently. The monsoon is approaching – we need to act straight away.

We need donations to our emergency supplies and repair fund.

We need long term sponsors to commit to supporting the children in our hostel in the longer term.

You can donate via the paypal button at the bottom of this page. Or you can send a one-off donation or set up a standing order to our UK bank account:

Account Name: Pegasus Children’s Project Limited

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Account Number: 52539938

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